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Somewhere in the Pacific

There was an original influence for this painting from a historic photo. I couldn’t see details clearly enough to continue using it as the basis for the painting so I decided to just let my imagination take over. I combined influences from Samoa (the fan), Micronesia, Fiji, Hawaii, and Bali, which is why I named it ‘Somewhere in the Pacific’. She is holding a wicker fan.

Grand Canyon

I decided to do something a bit different and decided that a lightning storm sky would bring an added dimension to the painting. I had to use multiple photos to piece together the painting from Yaki Point. There are trails visible in the lower left corner.

We’ve been to Grand Canyon several times over the years and sometime I’m going to hike all the way to the river and also to Havasu Falls. Both are on the bucket list.

Wildlife of Alaska

Wildlife of Alaska

No state can compare with Alaska for wildlife. In this huge state where wilderness still reigns supreme, the challenge is more about traversing the wild interior than it is about finding nature. The other challenge is that while a plethora of wildlife might be visible, it is often at a GREAT distance. The more powerful the zoom lens, the better. View the gallery…