Wildlife Photography

I focus on wildlife photography since there are millions of landscape photographers out there and it gives us a secondary hobby in seeking out every un-photographed species of animal we can find. We are up to nearly 250 species from all across the USA, Latin America, and the Caribbean, and a couple from Canada and Europe. You’ll see many in the travel pages.

I love that my kids have gotten into the hobby. My youngest son ran in the door to tell me about a bluebird in our tree in front of the house and said we probably haven’t photographed that type of bird yet. It was a mountain bluebird that’s in this mini gallery.

I’ve decided to break the pages in to regional sections based on where the photos were taken. Follow the every growing links below as the wildlife pages are posted.

Now I’m including my vast collection of wildflowers and plants on the pages too.

Wildlife of Alaska

Wildlife of Arizona

Wildlife of California

Wildlife of Colorado

Wildlife of Costa Rica

Wildlife of Florida

Wildlife of Hawaii

Wildlife of Louisiana

Wildlife of Mexico

Wildlife of South Carolina

Wildlife of South Dakota

Wildlife of Tennessee

Wildlife of Utah

Wildlife of Wyoming

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