I’ve been to the Badlands a few times in my life. Once when I was 11, then more recently with my family in 2013 and in June of 2020. In June we took a short vacation in the Black Hills area as we had done in 2013.

Summers in the Badlands can be scorching hot (100+ F) and it wasn’t long after we had started hiking that my sons decided they couldn’t press on. We did make it to the top of the ladder on the Notch Trail and enjoyed a short moment in the shade before returning.

On the drive through the park we were lucky enough to see both bighorns and bison near the west entrance.

I was eager to paint the Badlands since it isn’t as frequently painted as other parks, but I felt I had a great deal to work with in terms of color and wildlife. I featured the bighorns and bison in a late afternoon light.

Travel and the Creative Arts

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