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Ranking the Presidents

Since we are constantly bombarded by presidential rankings that are never objective and are entirely partisan, I decided it was time for me to tackle this task once and for all. I’ve read enough history to have the ability to do this (and will research any knowledge gaps along the way), and I can be reasonably objective in the manner in which I grade their individual effectiveness and performances.

To grade each president I will consider the following criteria (scores graded from 1-5 with 5 the highest):

  • Foreign Policy
  • Domestic Policy
  • Crisis Management
  • Cabinet
  • Enduring Accomplishments
  • Adherence to Constitution and American principles
  • Overall Legacy

Read on and see the results….

Time to Retire the Left-Right Political Spectrum

Time to Retire the Left-Right Political Spectrum

For two centuries (or at least since the French Revolution) political systems have been artificially placed on a linear Left-Right political measuring stick. On the Left side of this political line are what are generally considered ‘liberal’ forms of government, and on the right are what is considered ‘conservative’ forms of government. Political parties such as the American Democratic and Republic parties are placed on this spectrum, as are forms of government (communist, socialist, theocracies, etc), and even media publications. Read on…