Guidebooks are never as helpful as honest, forthright travelers who will give you detailed information from firsthand experience. And that’s exactly what I hope to provide here. I’ve benefitted from sharing information and stories with other travelers over the years and I’ve decided to now publish much of the firsthand knowledge I’ve gained along the way.

I’ll let you know where I’ve found the most splendid scenery, the most memorable hikes, the most majestic waterfalls, the finest hotels, the tastiest restaurants, the coolest campgrounds, the best beaches, and the wildest wildlife too.

And I won’t hesitate to tell you about everything to skip and the reasons why you won’t miss it. We all need to know where to get the most bang for our buck, and traveling can certainly be expensive.

When I’m not out exploring, I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking over maps and planning future journeys. It’s a constant pastime and much of the fun is in the planning.

Check out the following pages of ours to learn a little more from my family and I. Whether or not I’ll eventually have written a guidebook from everything I publish I’m not sure, but we’ll see… If you find this blog helpful and informative spread the word by sharing it.

— Jeff

Travel and the Creative Arts

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