Being Dad

I was at the dentist today and was talking to the hygienist. She was a very nice and friendly person and we got onto the topic of, well, life.

We talked about all the things we like to do as a family and I told her, quite honestly, I’m not looking forward to my kids growing up and leaving home. I said I like being dad and doing activities with them, teaching them, giving them advice, and showing them the world.

She almost started to cry and she said it touched her. I didn’t think much of it other than that it is true.

I’m honestly glad to have these years to spend as dad and I’m looking forward to many activity-filled days to come. I want to have them come with me on my adventures local and distant for years and years to come. I hope someday even their spouses and grandkids come too.

Here’s to all our adventures.

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