While researching travel destinations I have found over the years that the best sources of information are not guidebooks but travel blogs and travel discussion boards. With that in mind, I decided it was worthwhile to share a lot of my first-hand knowledge and experiences to aid others in their planning efforts. Exploration is a hobby for me.

I’ve taken the added step of rating the places I have visited, because let’s face it, not everything is worth your time and money on a tight schedule. I also like to point out the lesser known places that often get overlooked by guidebooks and fellow travelers. I’m also an active outdoors aficionado so you’ll get a better look at trails and various wilderness pursuits than you’d find elsewhere.

And finally, sometimes it helps to know where a plan went awry so that you can avoid the same mistake. That knowledge is invaluable to me when we are planning our getaways.

Finally, just to be fair, I’ve decided along the way that my favorite places are not the big cities, but the smaller towns that often are more unique, more genuine, and ultimately more fun.

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