Time to Retire the Left-Right Political Spectrum

Time to Retire the Left-Right Political Spectrum

For two centuries (or at least since the French Revolution) political systems have been artificially placed on a linear Left-Right political measuring stick. On the Left side of this political line are what are generally considered ‘liberal’ forms of government, and on the right are what is considered ‘conservative’ forms of government. Political parties such as the American Democratic and Republic parties are placed on this spectrum, as are forms of government (communist, socialist, theocracies, etc), and even media publications. Read on…

10 Best Day Hikes in The USA

10 Best Day Hikes in the USA

America’s greatest day hikes are those hikes that not only encompass incredible scenery, but are an experience unlike any other. To qualify as a day hike each trail destination had to exceed five miles round trip and encompass a minimum of four hours of time for the average hiker. The below list is only the top ten from my experience. I will also build a list for shorter destination, family-friendly trails (something I’ve become all too familiar with as a dad). Read on…

Travel and the Creative Arts

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