Pre-Departure Covid Testing Finally Ending

The Biden administration finally announced that the pre-departure testing for international flights will end June 12, 2022. This is good news but it came well past the timeframe of when it made sense to lift it and they still insisted on a review in 90 days to consider reimplementing it.

I’m still annoyed that we had to complete this pointless covid testing to fly home even though we did it in as easy a manner as we could and it didn’t really affect our trip. It was obvious that no one took it seriously and it was another act of covid theater just meant for appearances without any real value to public health.

The fact that the testing has been lifted so late means that anyone that held off on making reservations to fly internationally must now do so at a time when flight prices are much higher and also still face the uncertainty of what happens after 90 days. In the end, it’s better to just make your reservations when the price is right and hope this administration goes away in 2024.

It’s time to fully and completely end every covid rule/restriction/policy and never reimplement them. Life must go on.

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