End the Pre-departure Covid Testing for Flights

Contact your senators and representatives and let them know you want an immediate end to the unnecessary restrictions that have been placed on international travel to the US. Contact members of both parties regardless of your political views.

  • US land and sea borders remain wide open without testing requirements
  • Vaccines have been readily available to all who have wanted them for 1.5 years
  • Hospitalizations are very low nationwide and most of the population has acquired immunity either through natural infection by Omicron and its BA2 sub-variant or vaccines
  • The tests are an expensive hassle for travelers and could result in being stranded overseas
  • The airlines, which were already severely harmed by the pandemic, are now facing rising fuel prices while still losing business because of the unnecessary tests. They may end up being bankrupted and requiring taxpayer bailouts while this unnecessary policy acts as a drag on their businesses.
  • There are no restrictions on gathering in crowds all throughout the US and the air quality of airplanes is actually better than that of any other indoor environment
  • The existing tests have failed to stop the spread of covid into the US or any other country
  • Almost all other 1st-world countries including nearly the entirety of Europe, Canada, Latin America, etc have ceased testing and dropped most or all covid restrictions

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